A Proposal for a Christian Pornography

Many readers have written in to ask us about pornography. Is it acceptable for Christians to view adult entertainment? Our stance on pornography is directly informed by our position on sex and sexuality with regards to Christianity. Depending on the circumstances, the act of intercourse can be either a defilement of the body and soul through lust and indulgence of the senses, or it can be a celebration of God-given sexuality that uplifts the bodies and spirits of both partners. Likewise, pornography could be either degrading and sinful (as it almost always is), or it could depict acts that, when viewed appropriately, could enhance the sexual and sensual relationships of believers.

Erotica with Biblical Foundations

Consider the Song of Solomon, a deeply sensual and erotic book of the Bible, which describes in lyrical detail the sexual and romantic relationship between a bride and bridegroom. Their dialogue relates to spiritual matters, but relates spirituality through a loving physical relationship between husband and wife. This is the model of erotic “edutainment” that we are proposing. We believe that under the right circumstances, and given the correct content, such adult media has the potential to enrich the sexual lives of married Christian partners.

Of course, there is little, if any adult entertainment currently on the market that reflects these values and would be a good choice for Christians. That leads us to call for a new kind of porn – porn that upholds the Christian ethos. Christ-centered porn, made to be viewed by Christians and tailored to their unique needs. We challenge Christians in the adult industry (yes, they do exist – and you know who you are) to step up and truly walk their walk and live their faith by producing pornography that men and women of God can view without compromising their relationship with their Savior, or their relationship with their spouse.

Christians have so many questions about sexuality: what is acceptable or not, how to express sexual desires to their husband or wife, how to have a more fulfilling sex life, and much more. Unfortunately, few in the church are willing to talk openly and in detail about these matters. Most sexual guides for Christians are vague or coy, glossing over graphic details. Believers need sexual resources that are unafraid to actually demonstrate and show them what healthy sexuality in a Christian marriage looks like. For these reasons, we believe there is both a need and a demand for Christian adult entertainment, and so we are issuing this manifesto calling for a new paradigm in pornography.

Toward a Framework for Christian Porn The Correct Use of Christian Porn
The primary purpose of Christian pornography is to allow married Christian couples to better celebrate their sexuality in order to become more intimate with each other and enjoy a closer walk with the Lord. We envision married couples watching these films or videos together, using them to initiate a frank and open dialogue about sexuality and their own sexual relationship, and then applying the techniques illustrated in the films and incorporating them into their own lovemaking. Watching Christian porn is not intended to replace sex in the marriage, nor is its purpose simply to arouse the sexual appetites of the husband and wife, but to encourage them to use their sexual drives to a higher purpose.

The point of Christian pornography is not to provide material for the fantasies of individuals to use for their own gratification or to fuel masturbation. Although masturbation in itself is not wrong, the highest purpose of Christian porn is to enrich the sexual relationship between believers. It is not primarily intended to be used by individuals to inflame their own desires or as a substitute for a relationship. Under some circumstances, an individual might be justified in viewing this material on his or her own. For example, if the purpose of viewing the pornography is ultimately in the service of the marriage, if a man wanted to become better instructed in how to please his wife orally, or if a wife needed help getting in touch with her sexuality in order to be more open to intimacy with her husband.

Likewise, a single person might find Christian porn instructional if it better prepares them for relating to their future spouse. One of the complaints against conventional pornography is that it creates unrealistic expectations about sex and warps the viewer’s attitudes towards sexuality and the opposite sex. This argument could not be made against Christian porn, because it would be presenting a healthy and realistic representation of married Christian sexual life, and would be modeling correct and respectful husband-wife relationships, creating a positive vision for what can be expected in a future marriage.

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