Las Vegas Sins and Scams - Synopsis Book 01
Book 01 Cover

On this year's hunting trip to Eastern Oregon there is one couple in the porn industry that they need to get rid of, so Nick ends up butchering them in his meat packing plant, and serving some of the pieces to the people there as pork roast.

A girl shows up from Wisconsin that is working as a prostitute, and talks Marty and Ken into having a human sacrifice to Satan. They figure this will be fun, and several other people want to film the event, for sales to the snuff-movie people, in New York. Tony ends up shooting the witch's head off with a .38 hollow point, because the girl is too evil.

A Mormon girl shows up in Joe's office one night, stating that her husband can't get her pregnant; she wants Joe to breed her. Joe obliges the girl's request with several sessions to insure success.

Marty and Ken are only employees, so they decide to rob the armored-truck that picks up the cash from the old downtown casino.

One of the drug dealers that Bill has been dealing with wants to laundry some money; so they make a deal to trade ten million in cash for an eight million check every month. A different friend, Jose barrows some money, and parleys it into a tremendous cocaine importing business via Panama, where Noriega has left a vacuum of wholesalers.

The company starts buying farms to supply food to the restaurants, and to use up some extra cash; Lori is put in charge.

The company purchases hotels in Portland Oregon, Hood River Oregon, and Laughlin Nevada.

Bill gets paranoid and hires a truck to dump a load of gravel and dirt into the mineshaft that they had put many people down.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office raided the Chatsworth porn operation and confiscated all the movies. Marty and Ken put the over zealous cop into the mineshaft. The charges were dropped after the evidence disappeared.

A couple is caught counterfeiting the hundred dollar chips for the casino. They take them out to Lake Mead on a stormy night.